Our Support
1. Mission Education and Awareness:
A goal of our mission strategy is to use various means to educate PBBC members regarding missions, support for BMS missionaries, to encourage and empower our members to become personally involved in missions, locally, nationally and internationally (Acts 1:8). A key word in our mission statement is ‘intentional’. What we mean by this is that every member is involved in using their gifts to serve others, that each member is personally committed to praying for the work of the church and each member contributes to the mission of the church.
2. Missionary Support:
PBBC members are encouraged to provide spiritual, emotional, and practical support for BMS missionaries while they are in the field and while they are at home, through the various opportunities and schemes that are offered by BMS. Whilst at the same time remembering that mission is not something that happens ‘over there’ but is also what happens on our own doorstep.
3. Financial Support:
Through an annual Mission Offering and also through our church budget, PBBC pledges to provide a percentage of its income annually in support of BMS, Home Mission, and other mission causes. As we seek to be blessed by the Lord we would also want to be a blessing to others.